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The Farm Shop Cranswick



Our first team member of the month is going to be Annie!

Annie is our longest serving member of the Farm Shop family. Over 27 years ago Annie started in our milk processing plant, pasteurising and bottling our own milk. Nowadays, Annie can usually be found in the warehouse unloading deliveries or replenishing our fruit and veg stock. Annie’s favourite product in our shop is the cheese savoury sandwich filling!

The Farm Shop Cranswick
The Farm Shop Cranswick

Our History

In 1939 my grandparents began farming at Manor Farm and our families Farm Shop has been here at Cranswick since 1989. It began as a small shop and milk processing business and then in 2008 the shop was extended to double its original size. The shop and café you see today was opened in 2016 and still remains the family business it has always been.

Our Mission

The family are all very much involved in the day to day running of the business. One of us is usually around for a quick chat. Our mission has always been to work together to provide top quality produce and support local farmers and producers, whilst offering great value for money and outstanding customer service. We are very passionate about what we do here and are proud of what we and our talented team have achieved over the years.

Our Values

We understand that sustainability and traceability is important to the customer, and therefore, it is our top priority. We supply a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables of the best quality and varieties. On the counter, the homemade pies, pastries and cakes are made in our bakery on the same day of you purchasing. In the café, the food served is the same quality and freshness of ingredients that can be found in the shop. Each meal and sweet treat is home made in the Farm Shop kitchen for your enjoyment.

Join us at the Farm Shop at Cranswick and support your local businesses’, be passionate about fresh local food and use the best quality ingredients that you can rely on.

We look forward to welcoming you soon